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Incentive Tracking
  • Participants can be tracked against wellness activities to determine incentive qualification as well as validation of expenses paid
  • Direct participant customer service is offered to assist with making wellness programs a success
  • Online tools are available for data collection and analysis (see Online Incentive Tracking)
Custom Form Development
  • Web and paper-based surveys can be developed taking into account ease of use
  • Forms and all correspondence are customized to your organization
  • Forms can be designed with open ended hand written answers
Form Distribution Paper-based forms
  • HSSI can print and mail your paper-based surveys to participants using our full service secure
    mailing facility
Web-based forms
  • A client specific website is created for on-line data collection
  • URL addresses and login credentials are distributed securely to participants
Form Intake Paper-based forms
  • Forms can be returned by participants directly to HSSI via mail or secure fax
  • Forms can be returned directly to your organization
  • Email can be offered for questionnaires not containing sensitive data or if secure email is setup with HSSI
Web-based forms
  • If forms are web-based, the data is loaded into a database repository and sent to the client using a predetermined format and platform
Intake Support
  • Quality assurance is provided to ensure data integrity for all captured data to include verification of the following:
  • Missing data and frequencies
  • Data verification rules (date of birth <= 1/1/1981)
  • Customer support can be provided to participants for assistance with filling out the surveys.
  • Remediation can be performed on missing or inaccurate data directly to participants
  • Metrics can be provided on participation levels